Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool Aulia

Muslim Sufi Saint of Sub-Continent India.



We welcome you for visiting this religious web site of a Muslim Sufi Saint, who preached & spread light of Islam, in a number of towns / cities of then sub-continent of India, in the era of 11th A.D (Hijri).

   Kindness, Love, Respect for all & sincere efforts for preaching / spreading the teachings of Islam, initiated us to introduce the history of  Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A) to our readers, especially, the new young generation.

  We tried our best to narrate brief history & difficulties received in spreading light of Islam, for which Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool (R.A), left his beloved parents / relatives in "Teenjah", then a small town / port of "Morocco" & migrated to then sub-continent of India

  Almighty "ALLAH", the creator of this Universe, may bless the Muslims a life with sound health, prosperity, happiness, success in their goals & peace of mind (AAMIN). 

 Kindly also visit; "www.scribd.com/shahqabool", for more literature, books in Urdu Language.

Address: Dargah Aalia Hazrat Syed Shah Qabool               Aulia (R.A), Shah Qabool Colony,Peshawar City (Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwah), Pakistan. (Postal Code: 25000).

Kindly remember all Muslims  in your prayers.

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